@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/511,
	  title     = {Physico-Mechanical Properties of Jute-Coir Fiber Reinforced Hybrid Polypropylene Composites},
	  author    = {Salma Siddika and  Fayeka Mansura and  Mahbub Hasan},
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	  institution	= {},
	  abstract     = {The term hybrid composite refers to the composite
containing more than one type of fiber material as reinforcing fillers.
It has become attractive structural material due to the ability of
providing better combination of properties with respect to single fiber
containing composite. The eco-friendly nature as well as processing
advantage, light weight and low cost have enhanced the attraction
and interest of natural fiber reinforced composite. The objective of
present research is to study the mechanical properties of jute-coir
fiber reinforced hybrid polypropylene (PP) composite according to
filler loading variation. In the present work composites were
manufactured by using hot press machine at four levels of fiber
loading (5, 10, 15 and 20 wt %). Jute and coir fibers were utilized at a
ratio of (1:1) during composite manufacturing. Tensile, flexural,
impact and hardness tests were conducted for mechanical
characterization. Tensile test of composite showed a decreasing trend
of tensile strength and increasing trend of the Young-s modulus with
increasing fiber content. During flexural, impact and hardness tests,
the flexural strength, flexural modulus, impact strength and hardness
were found to be increased with increasing fiber loading. Based on
the fiber loading used in this study, 20% fiber reinforced composite
resulted the best set of mechanical properties.},
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