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	  abstract     = {Perspective of food security in 21 century showed
shortage of food that production is faced to vital problem. Food
security strategy is applied longtime method to assess required food.
Meanwhile, nanotechnology revolution changes the world face.
Nanotechnology is adequate method utilize of its characteristics to
decrease environmental problems and possible further access to food
for small farmers. This article will show impact of production and
adoption of nanocrops on food security. Population is researchers of
agricultural research center of Esfahan province. The results of study
show that there was a relationship between uses, conversion,
distribution, and production of nanocrops, operative human
resources, operative circumstance, and constrains of usage of
nanocrops and food security. Multivariate regression analysis by
enter model shows that operative circumstance, use, production and
constrains of usage of nanocrops had positive impact on food security
and they determine in four steps 20 percent of it.},
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