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	  abstract     = {An advanced composite flywheel rotor consisting of
intra and inter hybrid rims was designed to optimally increase the energy capacity, and was manufactured using filament winding with
in-situ curing. The flywheel has recently attracted considerable attention from many investigators since it possesses great potential in
many energy storage applications, including electric utilities, hybrid or
electric automobiles, and space vehicles. In this investigation, a comprehensive study was conducted with the intent to implement
composites in high performance flywheel applications.The inner two
intra-hybrid rims (rims 1 and 2) were manufactured as a whole part
through continuous filament winding under in-situ curing conditions,
and so were the outer two rims (rims 3 and 4). The outer surface of rim
2 and the inner surface of rim 3 were CNC-tapered for press-fitting. Machined rims were finally press-fitted using a hydraulic press with a
maximum compressive force of approximately 1000 ton.},
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