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	  abstract     = {Lycopene, which can be extracted from plants and is
very popular for fruit intake, is restricted for healthy food development
due to its high price. On the other hand, it will get great safety
concerns, especially in the food or cosmetic application, if the raw
material of lycopene is produced by chemical synthesis. In this
project, we provide a key technology to bridge the limitation as
mentioned above. Based on the abundant bioresources of BCRC
(Bioresource Collection and Research Center, Taiwan), a promising
lycopene output will be anticipated by the introduction of fermentation
technology along with industry-related core energy. Our results
showed that addition of tween 80(0.2%) and span 20 produced higher
amount of lycopene. And piperidine, when was added at 48hr to the
cultivation medium, could promote lycopene excretion effectively
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