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	  abstract     = {The atmospheric pressure plasma torch with a direct
current arc discharge stabilized by water vapor vortex was
experimentally investigated. Overheated up to 450K water vapor was
used as plasma forming gas. Plasma torch design is one of the most
important factors leading to a stable operation of the device. The
electrical and thermal characteristics of the plasma torch were
determined during the experimental investigations. The design and
the basic characteristics of the water vapor plasma torch are presented
in the paper.
Plasma torches with the electric arc stabilized by water vapor
vortex provide special performance characteristics in some plasma
processing applications such as thermal plasma neutralization and
destruction of organic wastes enabling to extract high caloric value
synthesis gas as by-product of the process. Syngas could be used as a
surrogate fuel partly replacing the dependence on the fossil fuels or
used as a feedstock for hydrogen, methanol production.},
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