@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/4711,
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	  abstract     = {This study uses GIS (Geographic Information
Systems) to conduct an evaluation of the degree of the sufficiency of
public green spaces such as parks and urban green areas as an
indicator of the density of metropolitan areas, in particular the Chubu
metropolitan area, in Japan. To that end, it first grasps the distribution
situation of green spaces in the three metropolitan areas in Japan,
especially in the Chubu metropolitan area, using GIS digital maps.
And based on this result, it conducts a GIS evaluation of the degree of
sufficiency of public green spaces and arranges the result for every
distance belt from the central part to compare and exam for every
distance belt away from the center in the Chubu metropolitan area.
Furthermore, after pointing out the insufficient areas of public green
spaces based on the result, it also proposes the improvement policy
which can be introduced in the Chubu metropolitan area.},
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