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	  abstract     = {This paper investigates the effectiveness of the use of
seismic isolation devices on the overall 3D seismic response of
curved highway viaducts with an emphasis on expansion joints.
Furthermore, an evaluation of the effectiveness of the use of cable
restrainers is presented. For this purpose, the bridge seismic
performance has been evaluated on four different radii of curvature,
considering two cases: restrained and unrestrained curved viaducts.
Depending on the radius of curvature, three-dimensional non-linear
dynamic analysis shows the vulnerability of curved viaducts to
pounding and deck unseating damage. In this study, the efficiency of
using LRB supports combined with cable restrainers on curved
viaducts is demonstrated, not only by reducing in all cases the
possible damage, but also by providing a similar behavior in the
viaducts despite of curvature radius.},
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