@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/4594,
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	  abstract     = {We present analysis of spatial patterns of generic
disease spread simulated by a stochastic long-range correlation SIR
model, where individuals can be infected at long distance in a power
law distribution. We integrated various tools, namely perimeter,
circularity, fractal dimension, and aggregation index to characterize
and investigate spatial pattern formations. Our primary goal was to
understand for a given model of interest which tool has an advantage
over the other and to what extent. We found that perimeter and
circularity give information only for a case of strong correlation–
while the fractal dimension and aggregation index exhibit the growth
rule of pattern formation, depending on the degree of the correlation
exponent (β). The aggregation index method used as an alternative
method to describe the degree of pathogenic ratio (α). This study may
provide a useful approach to characterize and analyze the pattern
formation of epidemic spreading},
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