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	  abstract     = {Team distillation assisted by microwave extraction
(SDAM) considered as accelerated technique extraction is a
combination of microwave heating and steam distillation, performed
at atmospheric pressure. SDAM has been compared with the same
technique coupled with the cryogrinding of seeds (SDAM -CG).
Isolation and concentration of volatile compounds are performed by a
single stage for the extraction of essential oil from Cuminum
cyminum seeds. The essential oils extracted by these two methods for
5 min were quantitatively (yield) and qualitatively (aromatic profile)
no similar. These methods yield an essential oil with higher amounts
of more valuable oxygenated compounds, and allow substantial
savings of costs, in terms of time, energy and plant material. SDAM
and SDAM-CG is a green technology and appears as a good
alternative for the extraction of essential oils from aromatic plants.},
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