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	  abstract     = {Context awareness is a capability whereby mobile
computing devices can sense their physical environment and adapt
their behavior accordingly. The term context-awareness, in
ubiquitous computing, was introduced by Schilit in 1994 and has
become one of the most exciting concepts in early 21st-century
computing, fueled by recent developments in pervasive computing
(i.e. mobile and ubiquitous computing). These include computing
devices worn by users, embedded devices, smart appliances, sensors
surrounding users and a variety of wireless networking technologies.
Context-aware applications use context information to adapt
interfaces, tailor the set of application-relevant data, increase the
precision of information retrieval, discover services, make the user
interaction implicit, or build smart environments. For example: A
context aware mobile phone will know that the user is currently in a
meeting room, and reject any unimportant calls. One of the major
challenges in providing users with context-aware services lies in
continuously monitoring their contexts based on numerous sensors
connected to the context aware system through wireless
communication. A number of context aware frameworks based on
sensors have been proposed, but many of them have neglected the
fact that monitoring with sensors imposes heavy workloads on
ubiquitous devices with limited computing power and battery. In this
paper, we present CALEEF, a lightweight and energy efficient
context aware framework for resource limited ubiquitous devices.},
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