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	  abstract     = {A thin coating of hexamethyldisiloxane and subsequent O2-plasma treatment was performed on mirror-polished titanium in order to regulate the wide range of wettability including 106 and almost 0 degrees of contact angles. The adsorption behavior of
fibronectin and albumin in both individual and competitive mode,
and initial attachment of fibroblasts and osteoblasts were investigated.
Individually, fibronectin adsorption showed a biphasic inclination, whereas albumin showed greater adsorption to hydrophobic surfaces.
In competitive mode, in solution containing both fibronectin and albumin, fibronectin showed greater adsorption on hydrophilic
surfaces, whereas Alb predominantly adsorbed on hydrophobic
surfaces. Initial attachment of both cells increased with increase in
surface wettability, in particular, on super-hydrophilic surface, which
correlated well with fibronectin adsorption in competitive mode.
These results suggest that a cold plasma-surface modification enabled
to regulate the surface wettability, and fibronectin adsorption may be
responsible for increasing cell adhesion on hydrophilic surfaces in a
body fluid},
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