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	  abstract     = {A study was undertaken to investigate the effect of
liquid nitrogen aeration on mortalities of adult Cryptolestes
furrugineus, rusty grain beetles, in a prototype cardboard grain bin
equipped with an aeration system. The grain bin was filled with Hard
Red Spring wheat and liquid nitrogen was introduced from the bottom
of the bin. The survival of both cold acclimated and unacclimated C.
furrugineus was tested. The study reveals that cold acclimated insects
had higher survival than unacclimated insects under similar cooling
conditions. In most cases, mortalities of as high as 100% were
achieved at the bottom 100 cm of the grain bin for unacclimated
insects for most of the trials. Insect survival increased as the distance
from the bottom of the grain bin increased. There was no adverse
effect of liquid nitrogen aeration on wheat germination.},
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