@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/4202,
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	  abstract     = {Buildings are considered as significant part in the
cities, which plays main role in organization and arrangement of city
appearance, which is affects image of that building facades, as an
connective between inner and outer space, have a main role in city
image and they are classified as rich image and poor image by people
evaluation which related to visual architectural and urban elements in
building facades. the buildings in Karimi street , in Lahijan city
where, lies in north of Iran, contain the variety of building's facade
types which, have made a city image in Historical part of Lahijan
city, while reflected the Iranian cities identity. The study attempt to
identify the architectural and urban elements that impression the
image of building facades in historical area, based on public
evaluation. Quantitative method were used and the data was collected
through questionnaire survey, the result presented architectural style,
color, shape, and design evaluated by people as most important factor
which should be understate in future development. in fact, the rich
architectural style with strong design make strong city image as weak
design make poor city image.},
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