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	  abstract     = {Space-time block code(STBC) has been studied to get
full diversity and full rate in multiple input multiple output(MIMO)
system. Achieving full rate is difficult in cooperative communications
due to the each user consumes the time slots for transmitting
information in cooperation phase. So combining MIMO systems
with cooperative communications has been researched for full diversity
and full rate. In orthogonal frequency division multiple access
(OFDMA) system, it is an alternative way that each user shares their
allocated subchannels instead of using the MIMO system to improve
the transmission rate. In this paper, a Decode-and-forward (DF)
based cooperative communication scheme is proposed. The proposed
scheme has improved transmission rate and reliability in multi-path
fading channel of the OFDMA up-link condition by modified STBC
structure and subchannel sharing.},
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