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	  author    = {Subramaniam Chandran},
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	  institution	= {},
	  abstract     = {This paper examines the interplay of policy options
and cost-effective technology in providing sustainable distance
education. A case study has been conducted among the learners and
teachers. The emergence of learning technologies through CD,
internet, and mobile is increasingly adopted by distance institutes for
quick delivery and cost-effective factors. Their sustainability is
conditioned by the structure of learners and well as the teaching
community. The structure of learners in terms of rural and urban
background revealed similarity in adoption and utilization of mobile
learning. In other words, the technology transcended the rural-urban
dichotomy. The teaching community was divided into two groups on
policy issues. This study revealed both cost-effective as well as
sustainability impacts on different learners groups divided by rural
and urban location.},
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