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	  abstract     = {ELS is an important ground based hardware in the
loop simulator used for aerodynamics torque loading experiments
of the actuators under test. This work focuses on improvement of the
transient response of torque controller with parameters uncertainty
of Electrical Load Simulator (ELS).The parameters of load simulator
are estimated online and the model is updated, eliminating the model
error and improving the steady state torque tracking response of
torque controller. To improve the Transient control performance the
gain of robust term of SMC is updated online using fuzzy logic
system based on the amount of uncertainty in parameters of load
simulator. The states of load simulator which cannot be measured
directly are estimated using luenberger observer with update of new
estimated parameters. The stability of the control scheme is verified
using Lyapunov theorem. The validity of proposed control scheme is
verified using simulations.},
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