@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/3924,
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	  abstract     = {Medical image data hiding has strict constrains such
as high imperceptibility, high capacity and high robustness.
Achieving these three requirements simultaneously is highly
cumbersome. Some works have been reported in the literature on
data hiding, watermarking and stegnography which are suitable for
telemedicine applications. None is reliable in all aspects. Electronic
Patient Report (EPR) data hiding for telemedicine demand it blind
and reversible. This paper proposes a novel approach to blind
reversible data hiding based on integer wavelet transform.
Experimental results shows that this scheme outperforms the prior
arts in terms of zero BER (Bit Error Rate), higher PSNR (Peak Signal
to Noise Ratio), and large EPR data embedding capacity with
WPSNR (Weighted Peak Signal to Noise Ratio) around 53 dB,
compared with the existing reversible data hiding schemes.},
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