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	  abstract     = {The fortified of soft wheat flour with cowpea flour in
bread making was investigated. The Soft wheat flour (SWF) was
substituted by cowpea flour at levels of 5, 15 and 20%. The protein content of composite breads ranged from 6.1 – 9.9%. Significant
difference was observed in moisture, protein and crude fibre contents of control (wheat bread) and composite bread at 5% addition of
cowpea. Water absorption capacities of composite flours increased with increasing levels of cowpea flour in the blend. The specific loaf
volume decreased significantly with increased cowpea content of
blends. The overall acceptability of the 5% cowpea flour content of
composite bread was not significantly different from the control (Soft Wheat-bread) but there is significantly different with increasing the
levels of cowpea flour in the blend more than 5%.},
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