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	  abstract     = {Information and communication technology (ICT) has
become, within a very short time, one of the basic building blocks of
modern society. Many countries now understanding the importance
of ICT and mastering the basic skills and concepts of it as part of the
core of education. Organizations, experts and practitioners in the
education sector increasingly recognizing the importance of ICT in
supporting educational improvement and reform. This paper
addresses the convergence of ICT and education. When two
technologies are converging to each other, together they will generate
some great opportunities and challenges. This paper focuses on these
issues. In introduction section, it explains the ICT, education, and
ICT-enhanced education. In next section it describes need of ICT in
education, relationship between ICT skills and education, and stages
of teaching learning process. The next two sections describe
opportunities and challenges in integrating ICT in education. Finally
the concluding section summaries the idea and its usefulness.},
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