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	  abstract     = {System identification is the process of creating
models of dynamic process from input- output signals. The aim of
system identification can be identified as “ to find a model with
adjustable parameters and then to adjust them so that the predicted
output matches the measured output". This paper presents a method
of modeling and simulating with system identification to achieve the
maximum fitness for transformation function. First by using
optimized KLM equivalent circuit for PVDF piezoelectric transducer
and assuming different inputs including: sinuside, step and sum of
sinusides, get the outputs, then by using system identification
toolbox in MATLAB, we estimate the transformation function from
inputs and outputs resulted in last program. Then compare the fitness
of transformation function resulted from using ARX,OE(Output-
Error) and BJ(Box-Jenkins) models in system identification toolbox
and primary transformation function form KLM equivalent circuit.},
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