@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/3409,
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	  abstract     = {Ultra-low-power (ULP) circuits have received
widespread attention due to the rapid growth of biomedical
applications and Battery-less Electronics. Subthreshold region of
transistor operation is used in ULP circuits. Major research challenge
in the subthreshold operating region is to extract the ULP benefits
with minimal degradation in speed and robustness. Process, Voltage
and Temperature (PVT) variations significantly affect the
performance of subthreshold circuits. Designed performance
parameters of ULP circuits may vary largely due to temperature
variations. Hence, this paper investigates the effect of temperature
variation on device and circuit performance parameters at different
biasing voltages in the subthreshold region. Simulation results clearly
demonstrate that in deep subthreshold and near threshold voltage
regions, performance parameters are significantly affected whereas in
moderate subthreshold region, subthreshold circuits are more
immune to temperature variations. This establishes that moderate
subthreshold region is ideal for temperature immune circuits.},
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