@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/3391,
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	  abstract     = {Schema matching plays a key role in many different
applications, such as schema integration, data integration, data
warehousing, data transformation, E-commerce, peer-to-peer data
management, ontology matching and integration, semantic Web,
semantic query processing, etc. Manual matching is expensive and
error-prone, so it is therefore important to develop techniques to
automate the schema matching process. In this paper, we present a
solution for XML schema automated matching problem which
produces semantic mappings between corresponding schema
elements of given source and target schemas. This solution
contributed in solving more comprehensively and efficiently XML
schema automated matching problem. Our solution based on
combining linguistic similarity, data type compatibility and structural
similarity of XML schema elements. After describing our solution,
we present experimental results that demonstrate the effectiveness of
this approach.},
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