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	  abstract     = {n-CdO/p-Si heterojunction diode was fabricated using
sol-gel spin coating technique which is a low cost and easily scalable
method for preparing of semiconductor films. The structural and
morphological properties of CdO film were investigated. The X-ray
diffraction (XRD) spectra indicated that the film was of
polycrystalline nature. The scanning electron microscopy (SEM)
images indicate that the surface morphology CdO film consists of the
clusters formed with the coming together of the nanoparticles. The
electrical characterization of Au/n-CdO/p–Si/Al heterojunction diode
was investigated by current-voltage. The ideality factor of the diode
was found to be 3.02 for room temperature. The reverse current of
the diode strongly increased with illumination intensity of 100
mWcm-2 and the diode gave a maximum open circuit voltage Voc of
0.04 V and short-circuits current Isc of 9.92×10-9 A.},
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