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	  abstract     = {Palladium-catalyzed hydrodechlorination is a
promising alternative for the treatment of environmentally relevant
water bodies, such as groundwater, contaminated with chlorinated
organic compounds (COCs). In the aqueous phase
hydrodechlorination of COCs, Pd-based catalysts were found to have
a very high catalytic activity. However, the full utilization of the
catalyst-s potential is impeded by the sensitivity of the catalyst to
poisoning and deactivation induced by reduced sulfur compounds
(e.g. sulfides). Several regenerants have been tested before to recover
the performance of sulfide-fouled Pd catalyst. But these only
delivered partial success with respect to re-establishment of the
catalyst activity. In this study, the deactivation behaviour of
Pd/Al2O3 in the presence of sulfide was investigated. Subsequent to
total deactivation the catalyst was regenerated in the aqueous phase
using potassium permanganate. Under neutral pH condition,
oxidative regeneration with permanganate delivered a slow recovery
of catalyst activity. However, changing the pH of the bulk solution to
acidic resulted in the complete recovery of catalyst activity within a
regeneration time of about half an hour. These findings suggest the
superiority of permanganate as regenerant in re-activating Pd/Al2O3
by oxidizing Pd-bound sulfide.},
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