@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/3013,
	  title     = {Modeling of PZ in Haunch Connections Systems},
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	  abstract     = {Modeling of Panel Zone (PZ) seismic behavior,
because of its role in overall ductility and lateral stiffness of steel
moment frames, has been considered a challenge for years. There are
some studies regarding the effects of different doubler plates
thicknesses and geometric properties of PZ on its seismic behavior.
However, there is not much investigation on the effects of number of
provided continuity plates in case of presence of one triangular
haunch, two triangular haunches and rectangular haunch (T shape
haunches) for exterior columns. In this research first detailed finite
element models of 12tested connection of SAC joint venture were
created and analyzed then obtained cyclic behavior backbone curves
of these models besides other FE models for similar tests were used
for neural network training. Then seismic behavior of these data is
categorized according to continuity plate-s arrangements and
differences in type of haunches. PZ with one-sided haunches have
little plastic rotation. As the number of continuity plates increases
due to presence of two triangular haunches (four continuity plate),
there will be no plastic rotation, in other words PZ behaves in its
elastic range. In the case of rectangular haunch, PZ show more plastic
rotation in comparison with one-sided triangular haunch and
especially double-sided triangular haunches. Moreover, the models
that will be presented in case of triangular one-sided and double-
sided haunches and rectangular haunches as a result of this study
seem to have a proper estimation of PZ seismic behavior.},
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