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	  abstract     = {In this study, the powders of Ni and Ti with 50.5 at.%
Ni for 12 h were blended and cold pressed at the different pressures
(50, 75 and100 MPa).The porous product obtained after Ni-Ti
compacts were synthesized by SHS (self-propagating hightemperature
synthesis) in the different preheating temperatures (200,
250 and 300oC) and heating rates (30, 60 and 90oC/min). The effects
of the pressure, preheating temperature and heating rate were
investigated on biocompatibility in vivo. The porosity in the
synthesized products was in the range of 50.7–59.7 vol. %. The
pressure, preheating temperature and heating rate were found to have
an important effect on the biocompatibility in-vivo of the synthesized
products. Max. fibrotic tissue within the porous implant was found in
vivo periods (6 months), in which compacting pressure 100MPa.},
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