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	  abstract     = {Mechanical design of the thin-film solar framed
module and mounting system is important to enhance module
reliability and to increase areas of applications. The stress induced by
different mounting positions played a main role controlling the
stability of the whole mechanical structure. From the finite element
method, under the pressure from the back of module, the stress at Lc
(center point of the Long frame) increased and the stresses at Center,
Corner and Sc (center point of the Short frame) decreased while the
mounting position was away from the center of the module. In addition,
not only the stress of the glass but also the stress of the frame
decreased. Accordingly it was safer to mount in the position away
from the center of the module. The emphasis of designing frame
system of the module was on the upper support of the Short frame.
Strength of the overall structure and design of the corner were also
important due to the complexity of the stress in the Long frame.},
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