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	  abstract     = {Palm shell obtained from coastal part of southern
India was studied for the removal for the adsorption of Hg (II) ions.
Batch adsorption experiments were carried out as a function of pH,
concentration of Hg (II) ions, time, temperature and adsorbent dose.
Maximum removal was seen in the range pH 4.0- pH 7.0. The palm
shell powder used as adsorbent was characterized for its surface area,
SEM, PXRD, FTIR, ion exchange capacity, moisture content, and
bulk density, soluble content in water and acid and pH. The
experimental results were analyzed using Langmuir I, II, III, IV and
Freundlich adsorption isotherms. The batch sorption kinetics was
studied for the first order reversible reaction, pseudo first order;
pseudo second order reaction and the intra-particle diffusion reaction.
The biomass was successfully used for removal Hg (II) from
synthetic and industrial effluents and the technique appears
industrially applicable and viable.},
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