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	  abstract     = {Groundwater has become the most dependable source
of fresh water for agriculture, domestic and industrial uses in the past
few decades. This wide use of groundwater if left uncontrolled and
unseen will lead to overexploitation causing sea water intrusion in the
coastal areas and illegal water marketing. Several Policies and Acts
have been enacted to regulate and manage the use of this valuable
resource. In spite of this the over extraction of groundwater beyond
the recharging capacity of aquifers and depletion in the quality of
groundwater is continuing. The current study aims at reviewing the
Acts and Policies existing in the State of Tamil Nadu and in the
National level regarding groundwater regulation and management.
Further an analysis is made on the rights associated with the usage of
groundwater resources and the gaps in these policies have been
analyzed. Some suggestions are made to reform the existing
groundwater policies for better management and regulation of the
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