@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/252,
	  title     = {Analysis and Remediation of Fecal Coliform Bacteria Pollution in Selected Surface Water Bodies of Enugu State of Nigeria},
	  author    = {Chime Charles C. and  Ikechukwu Alexander Okorie and  Ekanem E.J. and  Kagbu J. A.},
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	  abstract     = {The assessment of surface waters in Enugu metropolis
for fecal coliform bacteria was undertaken. Enugu urban was divided
into three areas (A1, A2 and A3), and fecal coliform bacteria
analysed in the surface waters found in these areas for four years
(2005-2008). The plate count method was used for the analyses. Data
generated were subjected to statistical tests involving; Normality test,
Homogeneity of variance test, correlation test, and tolerance limit
test. The influence of seasonality and pollution trends were
investigated using time series plots. Results from the tolerance limit
test at 95% coverage with 95% confidence, and with respect to EU
maximum permissible concentration show that the three areas suffer
from fecal coliform pollution. To this end, remediation procedure
involving the use of saw-dust extracts from three woods namely;
Chlorophora-Excelsa (C-Excelsa),Khayan-Senegalensis,(CSenegalensis)
and Erythrophylum-Ivorensis (E-Ivorensis) in
controlling the coliforms was studied. Results show that mixture of
the acetone extracts of the woods show the most effective
antibacterial inhibitory activities (26.00mm zone of inhibition)
against E-coli. Methanol extract mixture of the three woods gave best
inhibitory activity (26.00mm zone of inhibition) against S-areus, and
25.00mm zones of inhibition against E-Aerogenes. The aqueous
extracts mixture gave acceptable zones of inhibitions against the
three bacteria organisms.},
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