@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/2491,
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	  abstract     = {Baseball is unique among other sports in Taiwan.
Baseball has become a “symbol of the Taiwanese spirit and Taiwan-s
national sport". Taiwan-s first professional sports league, the Chinese
Professional Baseball League (CPBL), was established in 1989.
Starters pitch many more innings over the course of a season and for
a century teams have made all their best pitchers starters. In this
study, we attempt to determine the on-field performance these
pitchers and which won the most CPBL games in 2009. We utilize
the discriminate analysis approach to solve the problem, examining
winning pitchers and their statistics, to reliably find the best starting
pitcher. The data employed in this paper include innings pitched (IP),
earned runs allowed (ERA) and walks plus hits per inning pitched
(WPHIP) provided by the official website of the CPBL. The results
show that Aaron Rakers was the best starting pitcher of the CPBL.
The top 10 CPBL starting pitchers won 14 games to 8 games in the
2009 season. Though Fisher Discriminant Analysis, predicted to top
10 CPBL starting pitchers probably won 20 games to 9 games, more
1 game to 7 games in actually counts in 2009 season.},
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