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	  abstract     = {Series compensators have been used for many years,
to increase the stability and load ability of transmission line. They
compensate retarded or advanced volt drop of transmission lines
by placing advanced or retarded voltage in series with them to
compensate the effective reactance, which cause to increase load
ability of transmission lines. In this paper, two method of fuzzy
controller, based on power reference tracking and impedance
reference tracking have been developed on TCSC controller in
order to increase load ability and improving power oscillation
damping of system. In these methods, fire angle of thyristors are
determined directly through the special Rule-bases with the error
and change of error as the inputs. The simulation results of two
area four- machines power system show the good performance of
power oscillation damping in system. Comparison of this method
with classical PI controller shows the increasing speed of system
response in power oscillation damping.},
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