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	  abstract     = {In this paper, growth and collapse of a vapour bubble
generated due to a local energy input inside a rigid cylinder and in
the absence of buoyancy forces is investigated using Boundary
Integral Equation Method and Finite Difference Method .The fluid is
treated as potential flow and Boundary Integral Equation Method is
used to solve Laplace-s equation for velocity potential. Different
ratios of the diameter of the rigid cylinder to the maximum radius of
the bubble are considered. Results show that during the collapse
phase of the bubble inside a vertical rigid cylinder, two liquid micro
jets are developed on the top and bottom sides of the vapour bubble
and are directed inward. It is found that by increasing the ratio of the
cylinder diameter to the maximum radius of the bubble, the rate of
the growth and collapse phases of the bubble increases and the life
time of the bubble decreases.},
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