@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/2197,
	  title     = {Implementation of Sprite Animation for Multimedia Application},
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	  abstract     = {Animation is simply defined as the sequencing of a
series of static images to generate the illusion of movement. Most
people believe that actual drawings or creation of the individual
images is the animation, when in actuality it is the arrangement of
those static images that conveys the motion. To become an animator,
it is often assumed that needed the ability to quickly design
masterpiece after masterpiece. Although some semblance of artistic
skill is a necessity for the job, the real key to becoming a great
animator is in the comprehension of timing. This paper will use a
combination of sprite animation, frame animation, and some other
techniques to cause a group of multi-colored static images to slither
around in the bounded area. In addition to slithering, the images
will also change the color of different parts of their body, much like
the real world creatures that have this amazing ability to change the
colors on their bodies do. This paper was implemented by using
Java 2 Standard Edition (J2SE).
It is both time-consuming and expensive to create animations,
regardless if they are created by hand or by using motion-capture
equipment. If the animators could reuse old animations and even
blend different animations together, a lot of work would be saved in
the process. The main objective of this paper is to examine a method
for blending several animations together in real time. This paper
presents and analyses a solution using Weighted Skeleton
Animation (WSA) resulting in limited CPU time and memory waste
as well as saving time for the animators. The idea presented is
described in detail and implemented. In this paper, text animation,
vertex animation, sprite part animation and whole sprite animation
were tested.
In this research paper, the resolution, smoothness and movement
of animated images will be carried out from the parameters, which
will be obtained from the experimental research of implementing
this paper.},
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