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	  abstract     = {METIS is the Multi Element Telescope for Imaging
and Spectroscopy, a Coronagraph aboard the European Space
Agency-s Solar Orbiter Mission aimed at the observation of the solar
corona via both VIS and UV/EUV narrow-band imaging and spectroscopy. METIS, with its multi-wavelength capabilities, will
study in detail the physical processes responsible for the corona heating and the origin and properties of the slow and fast solar wind.
METIS electronics will collect and process scientific data thanks to its detectors proximity electronics, the digital front-end subsystem
electronics and the MPPU, the Main Power and Processing Unit,
hosting a space-qualified processor, memories and some rad-hard
FPGAs acting as digital controllers.This paper reports on the overall
METIS electronics architecture and data processing capabilities
conceived to address all the scientific issues as a trade-off solution between requirements and allocated resources, just before the
Preliminary Design Review as an ESA milestone in April 2012.},
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