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	  abstract     = {Energy intensity(energy consumption intensity) is a
global index which computes the required energy for producing a
specific value of goods and services in each country. It is computed
in terms of initial energy supply or final energy consumption. In this
study (research) Divisia method is used to decompose energy
consumption and energy intensity. This method decomposes
consumption and energy intensity to production effects, structural
and net intensity and could be done as time series or two-periodical.
This study analytically investigates consumption changes and energy
intensity on economical sectors of Iran and more specific on road
transportation(rail road and road).Our results show that the
contribution of structural effect (change in economical activities
combination) is very low and the effect of net energy consumption
has the higher contribution in consumption changes and energy
intensity. In other words, the high consumption of energy is due to
Intensity of energy consumption and is not to structural effect of
transportation sector.},
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