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	  abstract     = {The aim of research project is to evaluate quantity and
quality for conjunctive use of groundwater and surface water in lower
in the Lower Nam Kam area, Thailand, even though there have been
hints of saline soil and water. The mathematical model named
WUSMO and MIKE Basin were applied for the calculation of crop
water utilization. Results of the study showed that, in irrigation
command area, water consumption rely on various sources; rain water
21.56%, irrigation water 78.29%, groundwater and some small surface
storage 0.15%. Meanwhile, for non-irrigation command area, water
consumption depends on the Nam Kam and Nambang stream 42%,
rain water 36.75% and groundwater and some small surface storage
19.18%. Samples of surface water and groundwater were collected for
2 seasons. The criterion was determined for the assessment of suitable
water for irrigation. It was found that this area has very limited sources
of suitable water for irrigation.},
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