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	  abstract     = {Losses reduction initiatives in distribution systems
have been activated due to the increasing cost of supplying
electricity, the shortage in fuel with ever-increasing cost to produce
more power, and the global warming concerns. These initiatives have
been introduced to the utilities in shape of incentives and penalties.
Recently, the electricity distribution companies in Oman have been
incentivized to reduce the distribution technical and non-technical
losses with an equal annual reduction rate for 6 years. In this paper,
different techniques for losses reduction in Mazoon Electricity
Company (MZEC) are addressed. In this company, high numbers of
substation and feeders were found to be non-compliant with the
Distribution System Security Standard (DSSS). Therefore, 33
projects have been suggested to bring non-complying 29 substations
and 28 feeders to meet the planed criteria and to comply with the
DSSS. The largest part of MZEC-s network (South Batinah region)
was modeled by ETAP software package. The model has been
extended to implement the proposed projects and to examine their
effects on losses reduction. Simulation results have shown that the
implementation of these projects leads to a significant improvement
in voltage profile, and reduction in the active and the reactive power
losses. Finally, the economical analysis has revealed that the
implementation of the proposed projects in MZEC leads to an annual
saving of about US$ 5 million.},
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