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	  title     = {Simulation and Design of Single Fed Circularly Polarized Triangular Microstrip Antenna with Wide Band Tuning Stub},
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	  abstract     = {Recently, several designs of single fed circularly
polarized microstrip antennas have been studied. Relatively, a few
designs for achieving circular polarization using triangular microstrip
antenna are available. Typically existing design of single fed
circularly polarized triangular microstrip antennas include the use of
equilateral triangular patch with a slit or a horizontal slot on the patch
or addition a narrow band stub on the edge or a vertex of triangular
In other word, with using a narrow band tune stub on middle of an
edge of triangle causes of facility to compensate the possible
fabrication error and substrate materials with easier adjusting the
tuner stub length. Even though disadvantages of this method is very
long of stub (approximate 1/3 length of triangle edge). In this paper,
instead of narrow band stub, a wide band stub has been applied,
therefore the length of stub by this method has been decreased
around 1/10 edge of triangle in addition changing the aperture angle
of stub, provides more facility for designing and producing circular
polarization wave.},
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