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	  abstract     = {The purpose of this study was to develop and examine a
Teaching Commitment Scale of Health and Physical Education
(TCS-HPE) for Taiwanese elementary school teachers. First of all,
based on teaching commitment related theory and literatures to
develop a original scale with 40 items, later both stratified random
sampling and cluster sampling were used to sample participants.
During the first stage, 300 teachers were sampled and 251 valid scales
(83.7%) returned. Later, the data was analyzed by exploratory factor
analysis to obtain 74.30% of total variance for the construct validity.
The Cronbach-s alpha coefficient of sum scale reliability was 0.94, and
subscale coefficients were between 0.80 and 0.96. In the second stage,
400 teachers were sampled and 318 valid scales (79.5%) returned.
Finally, this study used confirmatory factor analysis to test validity and
reliability of TCS-HPE. The result showed that the fit indexes reached
acceptable criteria(ยครง2
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