@article{(International Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/1837,
	  title     = {Study of Temperature Changes in Fars Province},
	  author    = {A. Gandomkar and  R. Dehghani},
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	  institution	= {},
	  abstract     = {Climate change is a phenomenon has been based on
the available evidence from a very long time ago and now its
existence is very probable. The speed and nature of climate
parameters changes at the middle of twentieth century has been
different and its quickness more than the before and its trend changed
to some extent comparing to the past. Climate change issue now
regarded as not only one of the most common scientific topic but also
a social political one, is not a new issue. Climate change is a
complicated atmospheric oceanic phenomenon on a global scale and
long-term. Precipitation pattern change, fast decrease of snowcovered
resources and its rapid melting, increased evaporation, the
occurrence of destroying floods, water shortage crisis, severe
reduction at the rate of harvesting agricultural products and, so on are
all the significant of climate change. To cope with this phenomenon,
its consequences and events in which public instruction is the most
important but it may be climate that no significant cant and effective
action has been done so far. The present article is included a part of
one surrey about climate change in Fars. The study area having
annually mean temperature 14 and precipitation 320 mm .23 stations
inside the basin with a common 37 year statistical period have been
applied to the meteorology data (1974-2010). Man-kendal and
change factor methods are two statistical methods, applying them, the
trend of changes and the annual mean average temperature and the
annual minimum mean temperature were studied by using them.
Based on time series for each parameter, the annual mean average
temperature and the mean of annual maximum temperature have a
rising trend so that this trend is clearer to the mean of annual
maximum temperature.},
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