@article{(International Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/1801,
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	  abstract     = {Complex statistical analysis of stresses in concrete
slab of the real type of rigid pavement is performed. The
computational model of the pavement is designed as a spatial (3D) model, is based on a nonlinear variant of the finite element method
that respects the structural nonlinearity, enables to model different arrangement of joints, and the entire model can be loaded by the
thermal load. Interaction of adjacent slabs in joints and contact of the slab and the subsequent layer are modeled with help of special
contact elements. Four concrete slabs separated by transverse and
longitudinal joints and the additional subgrade layers and soil to the depth of about 3m are modeled. The thickness of individual layers,
physical and mechanical properties of materials, characteristics of
joints, and the temperature of the upper and lower surface of slabs are supposed to be random variables. The modern simulation technique
Updated Latin Hypercube Sampling with 20 simulations is used for statistical analysis. As results, the estimates of basic statistics of the
principal stresses s1 and s3 in 53 points on the upper and lower surface of the slabs are obtained.},
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