@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/1797,
	  title     = {Interaction Effect of DGAT1 and Composite Genotype of Beta-Kappa Casein on Economic Milk Production Traits in Crossbred Holstein},
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	  abstract     = {The objective was to determine the single gene and
interaction effect of composite genotype of beta-kappa casein and
DGAT1 gene on milk yield (MY) and milk composition, content of
milk fat (%FAT), milk protein (%PRO), solid not fat (%SNF), and
total solid (%TS) in crossbred Holstein cows. Two hundred and
thirty- one cows were genotyped with PCR-RFLP for DGAT1 and
composite genotype data of beta-kappa casein from previous work
were used. Two model, (1), and (2), was used to estimate single gene
effect, and interaction effect on the traits, respectively. The
significance of interaction effects on all traits were detected. Most
traits have consistent pattern of significant when model (1), and (2)
were compared, except the effect of composite genotype of betakappa
casein on %FAT, and the effect of DGAT1 on MY, which the
significant difference was detected in only model (1).The results
suggested that when the optimum of all traits was necessary,
interaction effect should be concerned.},
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