@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/1778,
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	  abstract     = {Due to short product life cycles, increasing variety of
products and short cycles of leap innovations manufacturing
companies have to increase the flexibility of factory structures.
Flexibility of factory structures is based on defined factory planning
processes in which product, process and resource data of various
partial domains have to be considered. Thus factory planning
processes can be characterized as iterative, interdisciplinary and
participative processes [1]. To support interdisciplinary and
participative character of planning processes, a federative factory
data management (FFDM) as a holistic solution will be described.
FFDM is already implemented in form of a prototype. The interim
results of the development of FFDM will be shown in this paper. The
principles are the extracting of product, process and resource data
from documents of various partial domains providing as web services
on a server. The described data can be requested by the factory
planner by using a FFDM-browser.},
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