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	  abstract     = {Reno-pin contact test is a method that is controlled by
DC motor used to characterize electronic chips. This method is used in
electronic and telecommunication devices. A new electric
performance testing system is developed in which the testing method
is controlled by using Piezoelectric Transducer (PZT) instead of DC
motor which reduces vibration and noise. The vertical displacement of
the Reno-pin is very short in the Reno-pin contact testing system. Now
using a flexible guide in the new Reno-pin contact system, the vertical
movement of the Reno-pin is increased many times of the existing
Reno-pin contact testing method using DC motor. Using the present
electric performance testing system with a flexible hinge and PZT
instead of DC motor, manufacturing of electronic chips are able to
characterize chips with low cost and high speed.},
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