@article{(International Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/1659,
	  title     = {Utilization of Glycerol Derived from Jatropha-s Biodiesel Production as a Cement Grinding Aid},
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	  abstract     = {Biodiesel production results in glycerol production as
the main by-product in biodiesel industry.One of the utilizations of
glycerol obtained from biodiesel production is as a cement grinding
aid (CGA). Results showed that crude glycerol content was 40.19%
whereas pure glycerol content was 82.15%. BSS value of the cement
with CGA supplementation was higher than that of nonsupplemented
cement (blank) indicating that CGA-supplemented
cement had higher fineness than the non-supplemented one. It was
also found that pure glycerol 95% and TEA 5% at 80ÂșC was the
optimum CGA used to result in finest cement with BSS value of
4.836 cm2/g. Residue test showed that the smallest percent residue
value (0.11%) was obtained in cement with supplementation of pure
glycerol 95% and TEA 5%. Results of residue test confirmed those of
BSS test showing that cement with supplementation of pure glycerol
95% and TEA 5% had the finest particle size.},
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