@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/16240,
	  title     = {Off-Shore Port Management on the Environmental Issue - Case Study of Sichang Harbor},
	  author    = {Sarisa Pechpoothong},
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	  institution	= {},
	  abstract     = {The research is to minimize environmental damage
pertinent to maritime activities about the operation of lighter boat
anchorage and its tugboat. The guidance on upgrading current
harbor service and infrastructure has been provided to Kho Sichang
Municpality. This will involve a study of the maritime logistics of
the water area under jurisdiction of the Sichang island Municipality
and possible recommendations may involve charging taxes,
regulations and fees. With implementing these recommendations will
help in protection of the marine environment and in increasing
operator functionality. Additionally, our recommendation is to
generate a consistent revenue stream to the municipality. The action
items contained in this research are feasible and effective, the success
of these initiatives are heavily dependent upon successful promotion
and enforcement. Promoting new rules and regulations effectively
and peacefully can be done through theories and techniques used in
the psychology of persuasion. In order to assure compliance with the
regulations, the municipality must maintain stringent patrols and
fines for violators. In order to become success, the Municipality
must preserve a consistent, transparent and significant enforcement
system. Considering potential opportunities outside of the current
state of the municipality, the authors recommend that Koh Sichang be
given additional jurisdiction to capture value from the master vessels,
as well as to confront the more significant environmental challenges
these vessels pose. Finally, the authors recommend that the Port of
Koh Sichang Island obtain a free port status in order to increase
economic viability and overall sustainability.
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