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	  abstract     = {Internet is one of the major sources of information for
the person belonging to almost all the fields of life. Major language
that is used to publish information on internet is language. This thing
becomes a problem in a country like Pakistan, where Urdu is the
national language. Only 10% of Pakistan mass can understand
English. The reason is millions of people are deprived of precious
information available on internet. This paper presents a system for
translation from English to Urdu. A module LESSA is used that uses
a rule based algorithm to read the input text in English language,
understand it and translate it into Urdu language. The designed
approach was further incorporated to translate the complete website
from English language o Urdu language. An option appears in the
browser to translate the webpage in a new window. The designed
system will help the millions of users of internet to get benefit of the
internet and approach the latest information and knowledge posted
daily on internet.},
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