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	  abstract     = {The current-voltage characteristics of a PtSi/p-Si
Schottky barrier diode was measured at the temperature of 85 K and
from the forward bias region of the I-V curve, the electrical
parameters of the diode were measured by three methods. The results
obtained from the two methods which considered the series resistance
were in close agreement with each other and from them barrier height
(), ideality factor (n) and series resistance () were found to be
0.2045 eV, 2.877 and 14.556 K respectively. By measuring the I-V
characteristics in the temperature range of 85-136 K the electrical
parameters were observed to have strong dependency on temperature.
The increase of barrier height and decrease of ideality factor with
increasing temperature is attributed to the existence of barrier height
inhomogeneities in the silicide-semiconductor structure.},
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