@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/15686,
	  title     = {Method of Moments for Analysis of Multiple Crack Interaction in an Isotropic Elastic Solid},
	  author    = {Weifeng Wang and  Xianwei Zeng and  Jianping Ding},
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	  abstract     = {The problem of N cracks interaction in an isotropic
elastic solid is decomposed into a subproblem of a homogeneous solid
without crack and N subproblems with each having a single crack
subjected to unknown tractions on the two crack faces. The unknown
tractions, namely pseudo tractions on each crack are expanded into
polynomials with unknown coefficients, which have to be determined
by the consistency condition, i.e. by the equivalence of the original
multiple cracks interaction problem and the superposition of the N+1
subproblems. In this paper, Kachanov-s approach of average tractions
is extended into the method of moments to approximately impose the
consistence condition. Hence Kachanov-s method can be viewed as
the zero-order method of moments. Numerical results of the stress
intensity factors are presented for interactions of two collinear cracks,
three collinear cracks, two parallel cracks, and three parallel cracks.
As the order of moment increases, the accuracy of the method of
moments improves.},
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